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How do I know you’re as good as you say you are?

We have many clients across a broad spectrum of industry types, many of whom have been with us many years. We can put you in touch with some of our clients to give you an insight into their experiences of using the services of Beaconpay to manage their payrolls. Please just ask us. Beaconpay also has a ‘guarantee’ that if within your first three months of processing your payroll we do not pay your employees’ accurately, on time, every time’ you will not have to pay!

Do you have contingency plans in the event of a crisis as we cannot miss our payroll deadlines?

At Beaconpay we ensure that all our computer systems are backed up daily and duplicate up to date information is held off-site for use in our fully operational and remote Disaster Recovery site which can be up and running within hours, ensuring continuity of service.

Why can’t I use a PC-based payroll package?

You can if you wish. But when you compare the cost of the software, the training, the updates with tax tables and so on plus the time needed to implement and run it as well as keeping on top of legislation and HMRC requirements, then using the payroll services of Beaconpay becomes very attractive and cost-effective. We are never off sick, on holiday or too busy!

Can I choose what aspects of the service I want?

Yes. We can offer a service tailored to suit your specific requirements – you tell us what elements you want to keep in-house and we’ll do the rest.

How do I send you my payroll information?

You can advise us of all payroll related items, overtime, staff changes, pay rates, etc by email.

Is trial Available?

We offer a one month free trial of our services where you can avail all the features of our payroll management systems and then take a decision to buy the package.

Are reports available?

YES. There are more than 20+ reports available pertaining to PF, PT, ESIC, LWF, TDS, Provisioning, Bonus etc. You can see the list of reports here: HR Analytics